July 2 - 7, 2023 Benidorm - Alicante (Spain)
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Tournament aimed at clubs, sports schools and colleges.


All matches played in indoor sport halls.


All matches are refereed by affiliated referees from national and international associations.


    • Groups of 4 or 5 teams play a league
    • The first and second ranked teams play in a knockout in Final Stage A
    • The third and fourth ranked teams play in a knockout in Final Stage B


Minimum of 4 games guaranteed per team.


The website will have the match schedule two weeks before the start of the tournament.




B19 Born after 01/01/2004
B16 Born after 01/01/2007
B14 Born after 01/01/2009
B12 Born after 01/01/2011
B10 Born after 01/01/2013
B8 Born after 01/01/2015


G Open age
G16 Born after 01/01/2007
Up to 2 UNDER 18 players are admitted
G14 Born after 01/01/2009
Up to 2 UNDER 16 players are admitted
G12 Born after 01/01/2011
Up to 2 UNDER 14 players are admitted

Special Permits
Teams from countries, as UK, whose cut-off date is September 1st may register players born after this date in the year prior to the date specified in each age group.



1. Rules

The tournament will be played according to FIFA and any additional RFEF (Spanish FA) rules, with the exception of those explained below in these regulations.

2. Tournament format

Groups of 4 or 5 teams will be drawn for each age bracket. All teams in each group will play all other teams in their group, thus ensuring a minimum number of matches.

The first and second ranked teams play in a knockout in FINAL STAGE A.
The third and fourth ranked teams play in a knockout in FINAL STAGE B.

  • Upon winning a match, a team will be awarded 3 POINTS
  • In the event of a draw, both teams will gain 1 POINT

If, at the end of the qualifying round, two or more teams will have added the same number of points, the position of the teams will be determined by

  1. Goal difference
  2. Goals for
  3. Direct result between the tied teams
  4. Lower number of yellow and red cards (one red card equals two yellow)
  5. A draw in the presence of the delegates of the teams involved

In case of a match finishing as a draw during the knockout and final rounds, the match will be decided by penalty kicks (according to FIFA rules).

3. Match schedule

The calendar will specify the time of the match, the pitch on which it will be played and the corresponding age bracket. A team may have to play more than one match a day, depending on how the group in which it has been put is set up.

The Organisation reserves the right to change groups, schedule, pitches and match times. Delegates from the affected teams will be given notice ahead of time.

4. Duration of matches

According to the age category and whether it is a qualifying, knockout or final match, the matches will have the following durations:

1st round, knockout matches and finales


B19 - B16 - B14 - G - G16 - G14

B12 - B10 - B8

2 x 25 min.

2 x 20 min.

1st round, knockout matches: No breaks.
Finals: Breaks 5 minutes.

5. Age control

Upon arrival, all participants must confirm their age. To do this, the delegate or team leader must submit the original passport or national ID card of each player. Any player who does not present any of these documents will not be allowed to play.

6. Number of players

A maximum of 15 players may be registered per team.

All registered players will be available to the coach for every game and be on the bench.

No limit on number of players to be used in a game. No limit of number of substitutions.

A substituted player may re-enter the field.

Any player from one club may be used in different categories. They must be of the right age and enrolled in the corresponding lists.

Under no circumstances may a player be registered for different teams in the same category.

7. Lists for the matches

Once the ages of the players have been confirmed, the lists will be validated. The procedure to define the players of each match is as follows:

  • The lists will be filled in the table of the field where you are going to play FROM THE MOBILE OF THE FIELD OFFICIAL
  • You will indicate to the field official the numbers of all players available for the match and then the starting players will be marked.

No match can start until the referee has the team list.

8. Complaints

Delegates who want to check whether any player should be allowed to play can do so before the end of the match by speaking to the Organisation official for that pitch. At the time of the claim, the complainant must make a deposit of 40 Euros for each player they suspect.

If the player proves their legality by submitting any of the required original documents, the pitch official will finalise the claim.

If the player under suspicion does not have the requested document available or does not appear on the lists, both the claimant and the player (together with the team leader) will have to go to the headquarters of the tournament Competition Committee (Information Central) two hours later which will make the final decision.

In any case, if the player under suspicion proves their legality, the claimant will lose their deposit. Otherwise it will be returned in full.

Complaints about refereeing errors will not alter the outcome of the game. The Competition Committee's decision is final and irrevocable. The interpretation of the facts and the rules shall be final.

9. Punctuality

All teams must be on the pitch 15 minutes before the match starts. If this is not the case and there is no good reason, the Competition Committee may take one of the following measures:

  • The team on the pitch will be awarded a 3-0 win for the match
  • The offending team will automatically lose the match and be deducted a point
  • The referee will decide if the match should be played or not

If a team does not appear for a match with no good reason, the offending team will forfeit that game (3-0) and be deducted three points. In both cases, the Competition Committee reserves the right to discipline a team should a third party be affected.

10. Referees

All referees and timekeepers belong to a national college of referees. They shall be appointed for each match by the Valencian Regional Referees Committes.

11. Colour conflicts

If the referee decides that a team must change its shirts due to a conflict with the colours of the other team's shirts, the team that changes must be the second one listed on the calendar. The first team must play with their first-choice shirt.

12. Futsal pitches

All matches are played in indoor stadiums.

13. Trophies

After each final, trophies and medals will be awarded to the winner and runner-up of each age category, as well as the best player trophy for each of the finals.

In addition, a trophy will be awarded for best club during the tournament. The best club in the tournament will be decided by the Organisation based on the following parameters:

  • A match won during the qualifying round: 1 point
  • First place in their qualifying group: 1 point
  • A match won during the knockout and final stages: 2 points

If a club participates in the tournament with more than three teams, the points of the top three teams will be counted. In case of two clubs having equal points, the winner will be decided using the same criteria as in "Tournament Format".

All players will be given a diploma certifying their participation in the tournament.

14. Balls

All matches will be played with Organisation footballs. In no case will balls be left to warm up

15. Behaviour

Any team which causes the suspension of a match, whether due to collective bad behaviour, players leaving the pitch, agression towards the other team, the referee, assistant referees, team leaders, coaches, etc., the invasion of supporters onto the pitch, or for any other reason which causes the referee to suspend the match will automatically lose the match 3-0, unless, when the suspension occurred, they were losing by a higher score.

Each club will be responsible for the behaviour of their players, supporters and family members, both on and off the field. Bad behaviour can lead to expulsion from the tournament.

The accommodation is shared with people outside the tournament who deserve our respect. Bad behaviour within accommodation can lead to them to rescinding their accommodation and catering services and the tournament organisers will be able to do nothing to resolve this situation.





The pitches have first aid medical service to address any incidents that occur.


All players are covered by insurance that covers any injuries that may occur during the matches.
This insurance covers injuries, not illnesses. If a player goes to the hospital to be treated for an illness, they will be charged for the service.


A sports accident is understood as sustained by the insured player when carrying out the sports activity covered by the insurance, in which an injury is caused for the sportsman, WITH NO PRIOR ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY, resulting from a sudden external violent cause that is outside the intention of the insured.

Accidents occurring during a sports competition or activity duly organised or managed by the respective sports bodies are deemed a sports accident, provided that it is accompanied by the respective sports accident certificate.





  • Any that are not the result of the practice of a sport other that the one specifically insured.
  • Any that occur in an environment or circumstances different from those specifically covered.
  • Any that take place outside suitable sports facilities.
  • Myocardial infarctions, stroke or cerebrovascular accident.
  • Any disease.
  • Food poisoning, freezing and HEAT STROKE, and other temperature and atmospheric pressure effects.
  • Those caused by physical training among participants outside a strict sports context (assaults).




CBC Inclusive

Costa Blanca Cup Inclusive

Foto día 1

From July 3 to 5, it will be played for the eighth year

The COSTA BLANCA INCLUSIVE CUP project aims to include young footballers with intellectual disabilities in the overall experience of the tournament.

We intend that athletes with disabilities can share experiences and grow culturally, that they have the possibility of participating in the opening ceremony, that they share sports and hotel facilities with the rest of the participants. In short, to be integrated as a sport category more.



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